Solid Concrete Blocks

Product Description

At Kerai Construction Limited, cement blocks have been our major products. We produce various types and sizes of cement blocks all backed by our superior quality guarantee.

Our solid concrete/cement blocks have offered the local construction industry a great alternative to using bricks. These offer a faster construction rate which increases efficiency and also are far stronger than locally manufacture clay bricks. They are ideal in all construction situations.

We manufacture various sizes of solid concrete/cement blocks and we are also able to manufacture custom sizes in the case of a large order. Most of our stock are with the specifications identified in the product details.


Product Name Solid Concrete Blocks
Size 4’’ x 9’’ x 18’’ (INCH),6’’ x 9’’ x 18’’ (INCH),6’’ x 8’’ x 18’’ (INCH)
Grade A, B, & C
Mpa 2.5 up to 8
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