Director Message

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Govind Patel


"Welcome to Kerai Construction Limited At the start, we wish you a glad and prosperous 2017. Considering the current situation with the world economy, 2017 guarantees to be a year loaded with difficulties. Be that as it may, we trust the solid establishments we have laid will hold us in great stead.
We are glad to share that in the previous year we have taken a few walks in extending our business in zones where we think we have an upper hand. Inside, we have an empowered workforce and unique accentuation was set in intending them for new difficulties and building a strong workforce with a typical mission, vision and qualities.
We are proceeding with our concentration of making Kerai Construction Limited more grounded and bringing all organizations under the regular crease of its vision, mission and qualities. The common vision and qualities, we solidly accept is the coupling paste we have to make a forward year testing us ahead.
To Conclude, we accept this open door to express our honest to goodness gratefulness to our clients, representatives, providers and groups for their proceeded with bolster which has been a foundation to our prosperity up until this point. We anticipate accomplishing more noteworthy statures together.

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